Mattoon in Motion (MIM), in partnership with the City of Mattoon, is conducting a community housing survey to determine future housing development and rehabilitation needs and projects for our community. This survey will allow us to apply for grants and provide important information to housing developers. 

We have created five surveys that ask different questions from individuals and organizations that have unique perspectives about the housing situation in Mattoon, IL. If you fit into one or more of these categories, we invite you to fill out each one that applies to you. Links to the surveys are below:

1) Resident Survey – This survey is for people who currently live in Mattoon, IL.

2) Employer Survey – This survey is for employers / businesses that operate in Mattoon, IL.

3) Employee Survey – This survey is for people who currently work in Mattoon, IL. If you work in the community but do not live here, you can still fill out this survey.

4) Realtor & Lender Survey – This survey is only for Realtors and Lenders that operate in Mattoon, IL.

5) Landlord Survey – This survey is only for Landlords that operate in Mattoon, IL.

Please note, even though it will show your email address as you fill out the form, all information provided by individuals is 100% anonymous. Look for the “(not shared)” text next to your email to confirm this. For organizations filling out the Employer, Realtor & Lender, and Landlord surveys, there is an option to provide contact information for follow-up.

We thank you in advance for your participation.