The City of Mattoon water service can be established or disconnected using one of the forms below.


The City of Mattoon negotiates aggregated electricity rates for our residents and small businesses. Aggregation is an opportunity for competitive pricing to help lower electric supply rates and provide budget stability.

We have negotiated new electrical supply rates for our residents, which will take effect in December 2020.

The new rate is 4.19¢/kW*hr.

Ameren’s base rate is 4.552¢/kW*hr. Ameren’s rate will change in May.

Our new rate will last until December 2022.

Opt-Out Letters

Residents in our program will be receiving an opt-out letter again from our new supplier, which is Energy Harbor. Residents do not need to take any action to get the new rate and they can throw the letter away. If residents do not want to be in our program, they can fill out the opt-out letter and send it back.

No one from our program will be calling residents.

Anyone calling residents during the transition period is from a 3rd party.

Opt-In Letters

Residents not in our program will be receiving an opt-in letter from our new supplier. They can join us by filling out the letter and turning it in. This is particularly helpful to people who got talked into changing to 3rd party companies during our other change-over periods.


Residents should contract Energy Harbor with questions by calling them at (866) 636-3749 or by visiting their website (below).

New customers, such as someone moving to the area or someone moving within the community, will automatically be included in the City’s aggregate program unless they request otherwise when setting up their service.

Important Links

Alternative Energy Solutions

Cable TV, Phone, and Internet Providers

Trash Service

Trash service is provided by various independent disposal companies and can be found in the yellow pages under Garbage and Rubbish Removal.


You can recycle cardboard, office paper, newspaper, aluminum cans, tin cans, or plastic bottles at any of the drop-off locations, conveniently located throughout the city.

Drop off locations:
West Recycling Drop-off Site: 4217 Dewitt Avenue – Located in the Catholic Charities parking lot.
Central Recycling Drop-off Site: 208 N. 19th Street – Located behind City Hall.
East Recycling Drop-off Site: Yard Waste Facility – Logan Street and Shelby Avenue.

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