IEPA Lead and Copper Survey

In January of 2022, the State of Illinois passed the Lead Service Line Replacement and Notification Act (LSLRNA).  The first purpose of the LSLRNA requires owners and operators of the community water supplies to deliver a complete water service line inventory to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA).  The material inventory database must include the water service line material composition on the public side (City-owned and the private side (resident owned) as well as a plan to replace any lead water service line.

Mattoon’s water meets the EPA’s requirements and the City has no known lead water service lines within its jurisdiction. For details on our drinking water supply and its compliance with all standards in the Safe Drinking Water Act, see the City’s latest Water Quality Report.

To meet the requirements of the LSLRNA and identify lead service lines in our community, the City needs your assistance in performing a quick test to identify the water service line material on your property.  We are therefore conducting this resident survey to inventory the water service material on the private side (resident owned) as shown in the image below.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Mattoon Water Treatment Plant at 217-234-2454.  Please take a couple of minutes to complete this survey for each service that you are receiving water from the City of Mattoon.  You can drop off the filled-out survey to the City of Mattoon’s Water Bill drop off box in the parking lot, you can go to our City website and fill out the survey online or you can mail us back the form to:

Mattoon Water Treatment Plant

2941 Lake Rd.

Mattoon, IL  61938