Juvenile Fire Setter

Juvenile fire setting continues to be a problem throughout the nation, including right here in central Illinois.  In 1996, the Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshall appointed a Juvenile Fire setters Task Force to develop and coordinate a comprehensive statewide program for various state and local agencies to identify, intervene with, and counsel juveniles to reduce fire deaths, injuries, and property damage from criminal and non-criminal fires.  This statewide program is currently managed by The Illinois Fire Safety Alliance. 

In November 2003, the Mattoon Fire Department implemented the Juvenile Fire setter Intervention Program.  The mission of our program is to identify the fire setting behavior of juveniles involved in the unsanctioned/ unsupervised use of fire, determine the motivation for the fire setting behavior, and provide prevention education/intervention and referrals if warranted for these children and their families.  The firefighters who administer this program are specially trained and certified through the Office of the State Fire Marshall. 

For more information about our program, contact the Mattoon Fire Department at (217) 234-2442.