Public Works

track hoeThe Public Works Department is responsible for: streets, public right-of-ways, lakes, buildings and grounds, water treatment, water distribution, wastewater collection, wastewater treatment, storm water collection, and storm water detention. The Public Works Department operates the Railroad Depot and the Yard Waste Facility. The Public Works Department performs Engineering Review and Approval of Subdivisions, and Commercial and Industrial Developments.

For Water Billing questions, please contact the Finance Department at 217-235-5483.

To initiate a subdivision or development request, please contact the Community Development Department (Planning, Zoning, Building Inspection) at 217-234-7367.

Engineering Department

Public Works Director/City Engineer: David Clark, P.E.
Engineering Technician: Dan McClain

208 North 19th Street, Mattoon, Illinois 61938
Phone: 217-235-5460

24-Hour Emergency Number: 217-234-2454

The Engineering Department is responsible for:

  • Administration and coordination for the various departments in public works
  • Planning, funding, design, and construction of public improvement projects
  • Engineering review and approval of residential subdivisions, commercial developments, and industrial developments

Street/Utility Department

asphalt rollerSuperintendent: Alex Fuqua
Asst. Supt: Dennis Cole
401 Dewitt Ave East, Mattoon, Illinois 61938
Phone: 217-235-5171 (please leave message)
Mon – Fri, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

After Hour Emergency Number: 217-234-2454

The Street/Utility Department within Public Works is responsible for:

  • Streets, alleys, sidewalks, and public right-of-ways
  • Street lighting, street signs, and traffic signals
  • Tree trimming and the yard waste facility
  • Water mains, storm sewers, and sanitary sewers
  • Street sweeping, snow plowing, and mowing

The Street/Utility Department administers a cost sharing program for sidewalks, driveway approaches, and curb & gutter replacements. For more information, please call 217-235-5171.

The Street/Utility Department operates the yard waste facility at Logan Street and Shelby Avenue.

The Street/Utility Department maintains the trees in the public right-of-ways.

Click here for the City Tree Trimming Policy

Click here to request a Boulevard Tree Replacement

For information regarding the yard waste facility please call 217-235-5171 or visit the yard waste page.

Public Works Department Contact Information

Public Works Director / Engineering Department
Director: David Clark, P.E.

Street / Utility Department
401 Dewitt Avenue East
Phone 217-235-5171
Superintendent: Alex Fuqua
Asst. Supt.: Dennis Cole

Water Treatment Plant
Superintendent: Heather McFarland
Phone: 217-234-2454

Wastewater Treatment Plant
Superintendent: Doug Homann
Phone: 217-234-6828

24-Hour Emergency Number:

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