City Attorney

The City Attorney provides legal counsel for the city council and the administrative staff, as well as provide prosecutorial services for the Municipal Court. The City Attorney represents the city in claims against others; defends uninsured claims brought against the city and works with and coordinates with insurance counsel on all claims brought against the city for which insurance coverage is available and keeps the city council up-to-date on such matters.

Duties include reviewing and approving all ordinances, resolutions, and contracts of the city. The City Attorney may advise the various city boards and commissions as necessary or requested. The City Attorney helps control both criminal and civil nuisance problems; reviews subdivision plats and planned development plans for legal conformance; processes and reviews contractual change order requests; prosecutes Liquor Authority suspensions and revocation hearings; is responsible for quasi-judicial appeals; and represents the city in civil litigation. The City Attorney does not provide legal advice to the citizens of Mattoon.

City Attorney Contact Information

208 North 19th Street
Phone: 217-345-6222
Fax: 217-345-6232