Remembering When

The Mattoon Fire Department is honored to provide a free service to our senior citizens called Remembering When. We have joined forces with the Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal, National Fire Protection Agency, the Center for High Risk Outreach, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Remembering When is a presentation bringing awareness to our senior citizens on the prevention of fires and falls.

According to the Center for High Risk, each year approximately 7,000 senior citizens die from fall injuries. Additionally, around 1,000 die in their homes from fires or burns. If you are 65 years of age or greater you are eligible for this free service. Simply call the Mattoon Fire Department and request a presentation. Our program has been simplified to make our senior citizens feel comfortable. Members of the fire department will inspect your home for fire and fall hazards. We will provide you with recommendations for improved safety. In addition, we will install free smoke alarms and monitor your home for carbon monoxide. Our inspection is informal, quick, and friendly. We encourage all of our senior citizens to take advantage of this free service to them.