Water Treatment Plant

water treatment plantSuperintendent: Heather McFarland
2941 Lake Road. Mattoon, IL 61938
Phone: 217-234-2454

The Water Treatment Plant is responsible for:

  • Water quality monitoring on Lake Paradise and Lake Mattoon
  • Raw water pump stations on Lake Paradise and Lake Mattoon
  • 7 mgd water treatment plant
  • 4.5 mgal of water towers and tanks
  • Water quality monitoring for distribution system

The Water Treatment Plant is manned 24-hours per day, so they serve as the 24-hour emergency contact for public works. The staff have duties operating the plant, so it is occasionally necessary to call back if they are away from the phone.

Plant statistics are:

  • Raw Water Pumping Capacity = 4.8 mgd (million gallons per day)
  • Rated Plant Capacity = 7 mgd
  • Current Average Daily Production = 2.0 mgd
  • Current Peak Daily Production = 3.0 mgd

Our customers include:

  • 7000 Residential Customers
  • 1000 Commercial/Industrial Customers
  • 2 Raw Water Customers:
    • Reliant Energy (from Lake Mattoon)
    • Clear Water Service Corp (from leased wells)
  • 2 Wholesale Treated Water Customers:
    • Village of Humboldt
    • Moultrie County Rural Public Water District

Every public water supply is required to prepare an annual Consumer Confidence Report. The format for the report is set by Federal and State EPA. View the City’s most recent Consumer Confidence Report.

Cross-Connection Control is a program to prevent the accidental contamination of the potable water supply at a site from sources of contamination that are connected to the plumbing. Examples are fire suppression systems, landscape sprinkler systems, and industrial process tanks. The City’s Cross-Connection Control Program is administered by the City Plumbing Inspector. View the Cross-Connection Control Survey Form.

Public Works Department Contact Information

Public Works Director / Engineering Department
Director: David Clark, P.E.

Street / Utility Department
401 Dewitt Avenue East
Phone 217-235-5171
Superintendent: Alex Fuqua
Asst. Supt.: Dennis Cole

Water Treatment Plant
Superintendent: Heather McFarland
Phone: 217-234-2454

Wastewater Treatment Plant
Superintendent: Doug Homann
Phone: 217-234-6828

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