City Council

City Council Members J. Preston Owen, Rick Hall, Mayor Tim Grover, Dave Cox, Sandra Graven

Left to right: J. Preston Owen, Rick Hall, Mayor Tim Gover, Dave Cox, Sandra Graven.

The City Council is composed of:

Mayor Tim Gover
Phone: 217-234-4633
E-mail the Mayor
City Administrator, City Clerk, Inspection, Legal, Library, Technology, Police Department, and Nuisance.

J. Preston Owen
Phone: 217-962-0123

Rick Hall
Phone: 217-235-5654
Public Health & Safety:  Fire Department, Tourism.

Sandra Graven
Phone: 217-273-8968
Streets & Public Improvement: Streets, Sidewalks, Construction, Trees.

Dave Cox
Phone: 217-254-7970
Public Property:  Water & Sewer Departments, Lakes, Parks, Cemetery.