Code Enforcement

Electrical, Planning & Zoning Official: Matt Frederick
Plumbing Inspector:
Phone: 217-234-7367
Fax: 217-234-7374

City Hall
208 North 19th Street
Mattoon, IL 61938


The Code Enforcement Office is primarily responsible for the enforcement of the following ordinances and codes: Mattoon Subdivision Ordinance

Mattoon Subdivision Ordinance
Mattoon Zoning Ordinance
Mattoon Floodplain Ordinance
Mattoon Electrical Code Ordinance
International Building Code - 2003
International Maintenance Code - 2003
International Fire Code - 2003
Internation Residential Code- 2003
International Mechanical Code - 2003
NFPA National Electrical Code - 2008
Illinois Accessibility Code - 1997 edition
ADA Standards for accessible design - 2010
Mattoon Sign Ordinance
Mattoon Cooridor Development Ordinance

The Building Inspections Office requires the following when submitting plans for review and issuance of a building permit:

1. Detached garages - we require only a plot plan of the property. This is filed with the permit copy.

2. Single family homes and duplexes - we require:

A plot plan showing building size, location of building(s) on the property, adjacent streets, off street parking and drive entrances.

3. All other buildings - we require two sets of complete plans, including plot plan, surface water control (drainage) plan if over 10,000 square feet is altered, parking layout, site work plan, general building plans, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical; plans, including all calculations. All construction documents must be sealed by a design professional with an Illinois registration.

4. If anyone but the owner applies for the permit, we require certification from the owner.