Operation Community Pride

Operation Community Pride logoOperation Community Pride was born with a simple question in mind “How does the City of Mattoon begin to clean itself up?” For years a lack of supervision and comprehensive ordinance enforcement had rendered the city with many “undesirable” properties. Items including abandoned cars to garbage and tall weeds were contained in many yards, boulevards, and properties.

Community Pride utilizes the cities’ greatest strength, its residents, to report, maintain, volunteer, and encourage others to clean up their property. The programs’ first year was met with wild success. Fifteen abandoned structures alone were demolished! The City was broken into quadrants, with all departments pitching in to enforce the ordinances. Many residents began noticing their neighborhoods improving, and were compelled to go above and beyond improving their living environments. From church group volunteers, to city officials, everyone is taking part in cleaning our community.

Community Pride continues today as a valuable endeavor to maintain the city in an attractive state for residents, and to encourage businesses to locate themselves in our “new and improved” community.