Wastewater Treatment Plant

 Wastewater Treatment Plant Aerial ViewSuperintendent:  Ethan Ervin
820 South 5th Place, Mattoon, Illinois  61938
Phone: 217-234-6828
Email:  w……@mattoonillinois.org

The Wastewater Treatment Plant is responsible for:

  • Treating the sanitary waste stream from the City of Mattoon to an acceptable condition before releasing the treated water to the environment
  • Maintaining twelve sanitary pump stations
  • Monitoring combined sewer overflows
  • Managing the industrial pre-treatment program for the city
  • Land application of sludge

The plant statistics are:

  • Rated dry weather capacity = 5.3 mgd (million gallons per day)
  • Maximum wet weather flow through plant = 14 mgd
  • Excess flow storage basin = 16 mgal (million gallon)
  • Average daily flow = 6.3 mgd

Our customers include:

  • 7,000 Residential Customers
  • 1,000 Commercial/Industrial Customers
  • Looking Forward

CSO Reports

These combined sewer overflow (CSO) reports are filed with the State of Illinois on a monthly basis by the City of Mattoon Wastewater Treatment Plant and are provided here pursuant to Illinois Revised Statutes, 1991, Chapter 111 ½, Section 1039.