Tree Trimming Policy


The City of Mattoon, and more specifically the Mattoon Public Works Department, provides for the maintenance of the facilities within the public right-of-way, including trees. Boulevard trees provide aesthetic benefit for the general public and the adjacent property owners.

The purpose of this policy is to provide clear direction to the Public Works Department employees when responding to tree maintenance requests. This policy is meant to supplement, but not over-ride, the requirements in Chapter 99.70 of the Mattoon Code of Ordinances, a.k.a. the Mattoon Tree Ordinance.

Tree Removal

The Public Works Department will remove, at the City’s cost, any tree that is considered to be dead, over 50% dead or damaged, or is otherwise dangerous to the public (judged by the Public Works Department to be in imminent danger of falling).

Property owner’s may, at their expense, remove nuisance trees as defined in the City Code (currently Sweet Gums and female Ginkos).

Tree Trimming

The Public Works Department will trim; dead limbs, hanging limbs, limbs impeding traffic, limbs obstructing traffic lines-of-sight, or limbs otherwise judged to be dangerous by the Public Works Department.

Property owner’s may, at their expense, have tree limbs trimmed which they find objectionable provided that such work is performed according to the requirements in the City Code. This applies to the “elective” trimming of live limbs overhanging; homes or other buildings, parking areas, etc.


The Public Works Department currently averages one or more tree trimming requests from adjacent property owners each day. This policy defines which portion of the requested services that the Public Works Department is currently able to provide, and which portion is to be accepted by the adjacent property owner.

Public Works Department Contact Information

Public Works Director / Engineering Department
Director: David Clark, P.E.

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401 Dewitt Avenue East
Phone 217-235-5171
Superintendent: Alex Fuqua
Asst. Supt.: Dennis Cole

Water Treatment Plant
Superintendent: Heather McFarland
Phone: 217-234-2454

Wastewater Treatment Plant
Superintendent: Doug Homann
Phone: 217-234-6828

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